Exponential mets à disposition (en anglais) des ressources dont vous pouvez vous inspirer sur la thématique de la multiplication de disciples.

The Discipleship Resource Kit is designed to help you make disciples who make disciples to the fourth generation. Key practitioners in disciple-making will equip you to create a culture of disciple-making in your church that plants the seeds for a disciple-making movement.

Topics Include:

  • Theology of discipleship
  • Making disciples who make disciples
  • Defining spiritual maturity
  • Starting a disciple-making movement
  • Creating a culture of discipleship in your church

Resources Include:

  • Video: Jim Putman on Keeping Discipleship at the Core
  • eBook: Becoming a Disciple Maker by Bobby Harrington & Greg Wiens
  • Podcast: The Discipleship Gospel by Bill Hull & Ben Sobels
  • eBook: Disciples Who Make Disciples by Greg Nettle & Alex Absalom
  • Additional 10 hours of audio training
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